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This is a large file, but one of the best sequenced tunes I've heard...and I've heard HUNDREDS!
It never fails to get me up and dancing.


There is a commonly repeated saying at the resort.."You're on vacation, nobody knows you and nobody cares." However, by the time we were ready to leave, everybody knew Carl and everybody cared.

At a contest during the dinner show, Carl and two others are called on stage and blindfolded. They will compete to see who can eat a banana the fastest. What Carl doesn't know is that as soon as his blindfold was on, the other two men were taken off stage and Carl had the spotlight all to himself.

The emcee encourages Carl as he tackles his second tie-breaker (and his third banana) with his non-existent opponents. Carl won a Blue Bay t-shirt for his participation, but for some strange reason, he seems to have developed an aversion to bananas.

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